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Our acquisition strategy is straight-forward: We target value-add and opportunistic investments with the ability to deliver high yields, in a range of residential, industrial, and commercial sectors in competitively advantaged locations. When qualified acquisition targets are identified, legal entities are created and capital is raised to purchase the properties for the benefit of our Investor-Partners. Once acquired, new financial targets are set along with detailed asset management plans to ensure meeting our yield objectives. Long-term growth in investment and superior risk-adjusted returns are achieved by:

  • Focusing on prime middle-market assets that generally offer greater returns than properties that are targeted by less capitalized individual investors and over-capitalized institutional buyers;
  • Leveraging long-standing relationships with industry leaders and experts, including L4's affiliate brokerage and advisory firm, Landmark Commercial Real Estate, to gain access to the best off-market properties;
  • Creating highly marketable assets for disposition with strong covenants, long lease terms, and future growth potential;
  • Operating within our Sustainable Wealth™ framework, growing wealth organically from project to project without compromising the long-term safety and security of one's invested capital.
  • Enhancing returns through active management and development; and
  • Maximizing yields through optimal financing strategies.


Above all else, we focus on fundamentals. At every stage of the ownership process, the most important consideration is a property's suitability and efficiency for the tenants and customers that occupy it. L4's asset management and development teams understand this premise and can anticipate our tenants' needs and desires to consistently exceed expectations, thereby maximizing returns for our Investor-Partners.


While leverage gives real estate an advantage over some other forms of investment, it can also create risk. With the prudent use of leverage, however, we maximize yields while protecting the investment capital of our Investor-Partners. Generally, because we work within the most stringent parameters of our institutional lenders and remain below required loan-to-value thresholds, our mortgages qualify for the lowest available interest rates. As a result, we receive the highest spread on the yield and are able to provide our Investor-Partners with the best risk-adjusted returns possible.

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