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In an era where commitment to ethics and transparency is fleeting at best, L4 operates with open books and the utmost degree of moral responsibility. We've all heard the now legendary stories of Wall Street greed and scandal, causing pain and suffering to individuals, families and charitable organizations that entrusted millions (and in some cases, billions) of dollars to corrupt investment managers.

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These unfortunate cases are examples of greed trumping integrity. As fiduciaries to our Investor-Partners, we understand that integrity is the foundation of any successful venture, and uphold the following ten principles in everything that we do:


  1. WE BELIEVE that as leaders in the investment community, we must operate our business affairs with transparency and accountability. We will continually strive to keep our Investor-Partners informed of all matters that affect the value of their investment, and do so in a manner that is clear, truthful, timely and complete.
  2. WE BELIEVE that it is our ethical obligation as well as our lawful duty to protect the interests of our Investor-Partners in the investments we administer. We will vigorously defend our concerns on behalf of all those who depend on us and, when doing so, retain the best-qualified professional counsel to guarantee a just result.
  3. WE BELIEVE that investment in private real estate is the surest means of building wealth, and that the safest and most reliable means of maximizing that wealth is through syndicated investments with like-minded Investor-Partners. Therefore, we will continually strive to provide new and profitable opportunities for investor-partnership within our Sustainable Wealth framework.
  4. WE BELIEVE that our Investor-Partners deserve clearly defined expectations and limited liability. As a result, we implement a detailed private placement memorandum that sets out the investment's distribution policy, prohibits certain activities, defines borrowing limitations, and limits recourse of its lenders to the assets of the group's investment.
  5. WE BELIEVE that every investment project we initiate must succeed. Accordingly, we will not engage in any activities that lie outside the competence of our acquisition and management teams, nor will we begin acquisition procedures until we are fully confident in our abilities to negotiate, acquire and manage the asset profitably.
  6. WE BELIEVE that, in the sphere of professional investing, there is no place for risk that exceeds reward. Ever mindful of our fiduciary duty to our many Investor-Partners who have committed large portions of their net worth to our care, we will never unduly risk losing their invested capital or their confidence in us.
  7. WE BELIEVE that our compensation should be linked to results, and that an honest profit must rest as comfortably on the conscience as it does on the bottom line. Thus, our remuneration will be directly linked to the value we bring to our investments, the resources we expend to acquire them, and the risk and responsibility we assume in managing them.
  8. WE BELIEVE that investing together with a harmonious group of industry leaders and professionals makes our investments all the more stable, secure and enjoyable. As a result, we shall always reserve the right to accept and retain only like-minded, like-tempered, and well-reputed individuals into our groups, whose character and ideals harmonize with our own.
  9. WE BELIEVE that our Investor-Partners can be relied upon to make their own investment decisions when presented with all the necessary facts. To that end, we will present all of our investment opportunities factually and plainly. In this light, our Investor-Partners can weigh for themselves the merits of each investment.
  10. WE BELIEVE that creating safe and enjoyable places to live, work and play is one of the primary tenets of responsible development. Therefore, we will continually strive to make the properties under our care rate best in their class, no matter the use. It is our aim to enhance the lives and businesses of the tenants that occupy those properties; the fabric of the surrounding communities; and the environment in which those communities exist.